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О Wake Dubai Dubai Harbour:

WakeBoarding in Dubai for Professionals Experienced boarders will be delighted with our cool, professional towing boats for wakeboard. Enjoy wakeboarding and other water activities in Dubai, and we will take care of the rest. Dizzying stunts, a big wave and a lot of positive, together with the professionalism and hospitality of our staff. Simply book your wakeboard or wakesurf trip in Dubai with us and we promise you will have a lot of fun!


Реальное время катания
You ride 50 min out of 60min
Не мешают ли другие лодки?
Какой вид скоростной лодки?
Centurion Ri265, Centurion Ri237, Super Air Nautique G23, Malibu Wakesetter 25 LSV
Есть ли инструктор?
Yes, with a Russian coach +350AED/1hour, with an English-speaking instructor +50AED/1hour
Включаются ли в стоимость напитки?
Yes, water
Сколько людей вмещается?
2-6 People
Сколько досок для серфинга?
Насколько красиво место?
На каком языке говорит команда
English, russian


От Monday до Sunday:

•  Аренда лодки и водителя 300 aed / 30 min
    - Yacht decoration +350 aed
    - Catering +450 aed
•  Аренда лодки и водителя 600 aed / 60 min
    - Yacht decoration +650 aed
    - Catering +900 aed
Все цены включают НДС и любые налоги. При оплате онлайн, банк может взять на себя дополнительную плату. Бронирование подтверждается только после 100% предоплаты. Возврат не за опоздавшую отмену


Berth B-A-18 - Dubai Marina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
34RR+HG Dubai - United Arab Emirates


avatar Anna A

Anna A 5.0

have good experience in long boarding and classic surf but never tried wake surf. It’s a bit different feeling. Boats 🚤 better then a year ago. And my pleasure about office stuff. Super nice and always friendly. Unfortunately team on a boat totally different) sometimes they keep silence all slot 😂🌊🏄‍♀️ I never meet guys from surf community so strict ) anyway. One of the best boats for wake surf for sure. I tried a lot. Some of them much cheaper but not so fast boats for example. Definitely will recommend to all my friends

avatar Alla Omelchenko

Alla Omelchenko 5.0

I tried wake board once before and it was ok, but when I first tried wake surf with Wake Dubai and was coached by Michael Basinski, I loved it so much! Michael is a super experienced water sport coach who is a multiple champ before too. He guided me from the basics and coached with the techniques, he is a very supportive trainer and a super nice person too. My husband and I have been enjoying the sessions with him big time! Go to Michael Basinski if you want to learn wake board or wake surf!

avatar exi bou

exi bou 5.0

Good and beautiful place

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