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О Sea Riders Jumeirah:

Whether you are just started or beginner to Wakesurfing or you are looking to take your Wakesurfing to that advance level, we are here to help! As your most trusted Wakesurf specialists, the seariders in UAE is your one-stop destination for everything Wakesurfing.


Open Water
Реальное время катания
You ride 50 min out of 60min
Не мешают ли другие лодки?
Какой вид скоростной лодки?
Есть ли инструктор?
For an additional free (+300 aed/hour)
Включаются ли в стоимость напитки?
Yes, water or soda
Сколько людей вмещается?
2-3 Person in the boat
Сколько досок для серфинга?
Only skim, no surf, About 3 skims
Насколько красиво место?
Without special landscapes
На каком языке говорит команда
English only


От Monday до Thursday:

•  Аренда лодки и водителя 315 aed / 30 min
•  Аренда лодки и водителя 625 aed / 60 min

От Monday до Sunday:

•  Аренда лодки и водителя 935 aed / 90 min

От Friday до Sunday:

•  Аренда лодки и водителя 370 aed / 30 min
•  Аренда лодки и водителя 675 aed / 60 min
Все цены включают НДС и любые налоги. При оплате онлайн, банк может взять на себя дополнительную плату. Бронирование подтверждается только после 100% предоплаты. Возврат не за опоздавшую отмену


Sea Riders UAE Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa, D94 – Jumeirah, Jumeirah 1, Dubai – UAE
67M7+CC Dubai - United Arab Emirates


avatar Erin Y

Erin Y 4.0

Most of what I said before holds true, but just beware that the service here is super inconsistent (i.e. the number of captains on the boat, if you actually receive coaching or not, treatment received between customers, etc) and a lot of this depends highly on the captain's mood as to whether they feel like putting up with you. Today we had a captain intentionally make a rider fall to end the session - instead of warning the rider to fall themselves, he used the brake on the boat to force the fall. Super disappointed. I have been consistently coming here for about 8 months now and highly recommend. The water is super calm since Sea Riders are the only operators here, the staff is friendly and accommodating, and the coaches are super knowledgeable. If you're a first timer/beginner let them know ahead of time when you WhatsApp and they'll make sure to get you a great coach who starts from the very basics. If you come consistently, each coach (Mido, Karim, Anu) has their own style with different insights so I'd recommend trying them all to learn something new every time and you see whose style you prefer the best. I also like this location because the water is clean and they have facilities for shower/changing. Tip if you're trying to find the location for the first time: enter the Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa itself, tell the staff you're there for Sea Riders, and then they can direct you to the Sea Riders location.

avatar Renáta Held

Renáta Held 5.0

Without a doubt, the best location in Dubai for water sports. Mirror like, flat water almost all throughout the day. High end wake surfing boat with boards for everyone; kids, beginners and experienced riders. The coaches of Sea Riders are each experienced water sports enthusiasts, ready to help you with all the wake board and wake surf tricks there are. Beyond the location, equipment and wonderful coaches you will find a diverse and fun community here.

avatar Abdelrahman El Kady

Abdelrahman El Kady 5.0

Best Wakesurf Club in Dubai with many locations and Great boats and Team.

avatar Ozge Sener

Ozge Sener 5.0

Great location, great staff , great boats (waves for wakesurf) and good quality boards! Love this place!

avatar Gianina McQue

Gianina McQue 5.0

Great location, never crowded. Captain and team are always super helpful and friendly. Had many good times here! 🏄‍

avatar Bramao Gustavo

Bramao Gustavo 5.0

Best place in Dubai to wake or wake surf. Flat and glassy condition at anytime - Amazing crew and coaching, and the Malibu wake is soooo good. Simply brillant.

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