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06:00 - 07:00 AM
07:00 - 08:00 AM
08:00 - 09:00 AM
09:00 - 10:00 AM
10:00 - 11:00 AM
11:00 - 12:00 AM
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О Xtreme Wake Dubai Marina:

Two childhood friends and sea addicts Karim Aly & Ahmed el Shoky founded Xtreme Wake in March 2013. Ever since they can remember, both partners spent every spare minute they had riding the waves. They evidently passed on the water bug to all their friends, and decided to take on a new challenge to set up a platform that would include a wider Wakesurf fan base.


The water pretty choppy
Реальное время катания
You ride 50 min out of 60min
Не мешают ли другие лодки?
Какой вид скоростной лодки?
Epic, Malibu, Centurion and Supreme boats
Есть ли инструктор?
Yes, +250AED/1hour
Включаются ли в стоимость напитки?
Сколько людей вмещается?
2-5 People
Сколько досок для серфинга?
3-4 boards
Насколько красиво место?
Ain Dubai by Dubai Holding
На каком языке говорит команда
Only english


От Monday до Thursday:

•  Аренда лодки и водителя 500 aed / 60 min
    - Festive catering +250 aed
•  Аренда лодки и водителя 750 aed / 90 min
    - Festive catering +375 aed
•  Аренда лодки и водителя 1000 aed / 120 min
    - Festive catering +500 aed
•  Аренда лодки и водителя 1500 aed / 180 min
    - Festive catering +750 aed

От Friday до Sunday:

•  Аренда лодки и водителя 600 aed / 60 min
    - Festive catering +250 aed
•  Аренда лодки и водителя 900 aed / 90 min
    - Festive catering +370 aed
•  Аренда лодки и водителя 1200 aed / 120 min
    - Festive catering +500 aed
•  Аренда лодки и водителя 2100 aed / 180 min
    - Festive catering +1000 aed
Все цены включают НДС и любые налоги. При оплате онлайн, банк может взять на себя дополнительную плату. Бронирование подтверждается только после 100% предоплаты. Возврат не за опоздавшую отмену


Dubai Marina - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
349J+HH Dubai - United Arab Emirates


avatar Christopher O

Christopher O 5.0

I've gone wake boarding with Xtreme numerous times over the last 7 years. Their service and punctuality are amazing. In the most recent 2 outings we had captain Jojo who was great and took the time and pleasure in teaching and improving our wake boarding technique. I very highly recommend them.

avatar simon killeen

simon killeen 5.0

An activity I try to partake in every few weeks. Jojo is the man, and an awesome instructor for beginners and intermediates.

avatar Matt Dale

Matt Dale 5.0

What an incredibly fun couple of mornings! The water was pretty choppy on the first day in Dubai marina (we booked 9.30am, I'd recommend 8am or earlier if you can bear getting up that time of day when you're on holiday), so wakeboarding was tough but still awesome fun. We tried some wakesurfing for the first time ever too, and progressed to dropping the rope. On the second day we went to Ghantoot marina. Xtreme Wake are the only company operating from there so the water was super calm and perfect for wakeboarding and wakesurfing. Big thanks to the very awesome Xtreme Wake and JoJo and Kartak. Both awesome instructors. We will be back soon!! :D

avatar Ludivine Furlan

Ludivine Furlan 5.0

Amazing session this morning. Massive thanks to Nipun who is a very nice and professional instructor for beginners and experts.

avatar Linda Khadem

Linda Khadem 1.0

I dont know who is answering their whatsapp and managing bookings, but that person is very rude. Dealing with a business starts from the moment you communicate with them irregardless of what actual experience is.

avatar Daniel Nogueira

Daniel Nogueira 4.0

Enjoyed greatly my 1hr wake surf in the afternoon with a very nice driver with good tips to improve. Captain Jojo did a great job and made it easy for someone who wake surf for the 1st time and had been away from wakeboarding for over a decade! Managed in 1hrs to wake surf without the rope in very choppy waters. Dubai marina has a lot of boat traffic so conditions are not great for wakesurf / wakeboard. But definitely worth a try. Booking was very straightforward, everything ran on time. Boats are top notch for the sport. Great times!

avatar Imad G

Imad G 3.0

The location is good only early mornings or when there's less boat traffic on the water. It's relatively close to anywhere in Marina. The boat drivers are all usually very helpful and energetic. They love to teach, which makes the experience smoother. The reason I give 3 stars is that, for regulars, although it started off well, I would say customer service and pricing has gotten worse over time. A loyalty program or better bulk package pricing would make coming back regularly easier. Overall I'd recommend Xtreme Wake for your first wakeboarding experience until you're comfortable venturing outside of Dubai Marina.

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