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About Sea Riders Dubai Creek:

Wake-surfers hold a rope to stand up on the surf board, but upon gaining body control and balance, Stability on the board, the rider releases the rope and begins to wake surf the Seariders wake boat-creates wave.


Open Water
Pure riding time on the spot
You ride 50 min out of 60min
Do other boats interfere with riding?
What kind of speedboat?
Is there an instructor?
For an additional free (+300 aed/hour)
Are drinks included in the price?
Yes, water or soda
Capacity? How many people
2-3 Person in the boat
How many surfboards are there?
Only skim, no surf, About 3 skims
How beautiful is the place?
Without special landscapes
What language does the team speak
English only

Price list:

From Monday to Thursday:

•  Boat and driver rental 315 aed / 30 min
•  Boat and driver rental 550 aed / 60 min
•  Boat and driver rental 825 aed / 90 min

From Friday to Sunday:

•  Boat and driver rental 370 aed / 30 min
•  Boat and driver rental 625 aed / 60 min
•  Boat and driver rental 935 aed / 90 min
All prices include VAT and any taxes, for online payment can take additional fee by your bank. Booking is confirmed only after 100% prepayment. No refund for late cancellation


Sea Riders UAE Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, Port Saeed, Dubai – UAE
68WJ+7V Dubai - United Arab Emirates


avatar Vladimir Eliseev

Vladimir Eliseev 5.0

I did wake surfing 2 times with them. The boat and board are in good condition. Everything was well arranged. The captain always in good mood and he was really involved in helping us to succeed. Also the captain did not keep track of every minute and let us to do one more ride when the time was over. So I would recommend this company and the captain.

avatar Stephanie Mohanna

Stephanie Mohanna 5.0

Big shout out to the best instructor Anura, the reason why I keep booking with Sea Riders. I wouldn’t be progressing at wake surfing if it wasn’t for him and his accurate feedback and instructions.

avatar Marwan Hassan

Marwan Hassan 5.0

Very friendly staff, provide a range of water sports, team members coach you how to ride. Highly recommended.

avatar Yağmur Satıcı

Yağmur Satıcı 5.0

all silent good place to ride. free parking calm place. my only concern is brown sea water.

avatar Hoda Ziedan

Hoda Ziedan 5.0

Very good instructors, location is not the best as of the construction surrounding everywhere.

avatar Yacub Elmi

Yacub Elmi 5.0

Faboulas views of Dubai. Awsome wakeboarding experience

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Average booking time 4 min
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