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E-foil is a surfboard that is attached to a hydro wing and an electric motor, thanks to which the board can move independently and, as it were, soar above the water. The Lift eFoil design includes a hydrofoil for the smoothest possible ride and instant board response when you step on the gas. The feeling of flying over water is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have!

1. First you need to feel the foil and hand controller. To do this, lie down on the board and swim in this position.
2. When you feel comfortable, slowly get on your knees.
3. Have mastered kneeling, don't be afraid to stand on your feet.
4. We strongly recommend that you do not strain while lifting. The feeling of flying is an extraordinary experience for most, so your first reaction will be tense. This is normal, just relax all the muscles and concentrate on the position of the legs.
5. If you feel like you are losing your balance and are about to fall, do your best to just jump off the board. Don't try to stay on the board. Over time, you will find your exact way to jump into the water in time.
6. After that just get back on the board and keep skating.

The cost of an e-foil in Dubai depends on the location and the company, the average price is from 300 to 650 dirhams, see the catalog with all the offers.