Our Activities

At the moment, we are aggregating companies that provide wakeboard, wakesurf, kitesurf, e-foil, SUP, flyboard rental services in Dubai. In the near future, we will expand the types of services.

Wakeboarding in Dubai

A wakeboard is an analogue of a snowboard: a flat board with foot bindings and little rails to keep it from shaking. Wakeboarding came before wakesurfing. The first thing people could come up with was towing behind a boat. Then they realized that if you weight a boat a little more on one side, then the wave increases a little, and you can try to ride on it.


Wakesurfing is a variation of classic surfing that is shown in movies. Here, too, there is a board on which you need to stand up and try to catch the wave. Only the wave is created not by the ocean, but by a boat that rides right in front of you. You need to get close to the wave with the help of a halyard - a cable that is attached to the boat. After that, you drop the halyard and freely balance on the wave.

E-foil (electrohydrofoil)

An electrofoil is a board on an electric motor with a hydrofoil, which, when accelerated, rises and soars above the water. The electric motor is suspended on a mast (“leg”) up to 95 cm long. The EFoil flies no worse than a conventional hydrofoil, although some representatives of the species reach 40 kg. At the same time, it is absolutely autonomous: it does not need a kite, a boat, or a wave.

SUP - Supsurfing

Supsurfing or SUP is a sport similar to paddle surfing. The abbreviation SUP is derived from the combination of Stand up paddle surfing and means "surfing while standing on the board." You can swim in mountain lakes, go around ice floes or do yoga right on the board in the sea.

Kite - Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is riding on a board on water with a kite (large kite) that allows you to move due to the force of the wind and perform various jumps. Kitesurfing is all about speed, the thrill of taming the elements, dizzying jumps and the opportunity to enjoy the scenery from a completely different angle.